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Welcome to the
Bill of Rights Enforcement
Site List!

The following sites have joined our Bill of Rights Enforcement effort:

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

July 11, 1998
    We are proud to announce The Virtual Abode of John Sebastian as the first to join the Bill of Rights Enforcement effort.


July 1998

The Liberty Round Table is proud to announce that we have joined the "Bill of Rights Enforcement" effort Wyoming Libertarian Party
Liberty Activists Libertarian self reliance in the Face of Y2K: Solutions & Visions for a Future of Freedom
Erik Warren, "Scooting, Shooting, & Looting: If you live your life right, these will tend to overlap." Cpt. Fred McCarty of the Civil Air Patrol in North Carolina
Enders Acid Zen Page "The California House of Repeals is amending the state Constitution to repeal ALL state & local victim disarmament "laws" and put politicians and bureaucrats in prison, where they belong."
Wolfe's Lodge joins the effort! The Pawn Place, Las Vegas' FINEST pawn shops! supports Bill of Rights Enforcement!
"Political news and views from across the USA!" Mark A. Laughlin, Author of The Philosophy In Defense of Firearms
the Tangent BBS is a supporter of the Bill of Rights Enforcement campaign Richard N. Freedman, — politics expressed and hypocrites skewered by a collection of letters to the editor.
"Jon Galt" (a.k.a. Wayne Dawson) supports Bill of Rights Enforcement Demagogue Awareness Resistance Education website by Zak A. Klemmer
Bill Stone supports Bill of Rights Enforcement Curt Howland finally joins the list!
Michael Kielsky supports Bill of Rights Enforcement, now at a new location   

August 1998

"The Gneech's New! Improved! World Wide Web Page is now a Bill of Rights Enforcement Page!   

September 1998

Brassroots is Tucson, Arizona's Number One 2nd Amendment Rights organization, and they are proud to be a Bill of Rights Enforcement page! Peter R Petronello, Master Sargent, United States Marine Corps, joins the Bill of Rights Enforcement effort!
Doug Newman's "The Fountain of Truth" page supports Bill of Rights Enforcement! freewillie's FreeLand! Now a Bill of Rights Enforcement site!
Bruce Sommer joins our Bill of Rights Enforcement effort! Thomas L. Knapp joins the list

October 1998

Chuck Bridgeland joins the list Greg McBride has linked his page to the BoR Enforcement page

November 1998

"The Scratching Post" by Ray Ledford joins the list   

December 1998

Women Against Gun Control join the list Larry Mulcahy's Home Page got somehow dropped from this list, and now it is added back!
The Kansas Libertarian Party joins the effort "The Righter" is Sarah Thompson, M.D., a retired physician and writer. Dr. Thompson is dedicated to the restoration of full civil liberties and limited Constitutional government."
Geoff's Firearms and Freedom Page   


January 1999

The Spirit of 76 is a just starting-up attempt to give libertarians an e-commerce site the The Millennium Challange site from Ron Amos
Jeff Colonnesi's Web Page Captain Nemo's Freedom Lovers Site

March 1999

Glen R. Parshall of The Pawn Place, Inc. has a new web page promoting Vin Suprynowicz's new book Send In The Waco Killers, and they also have the Bill of Right's Enforcement logo/link.   

April 1999

Chris Goodwin's Home Page Liberty Web
Politics American Style Politics American Style again!

May 1999

The Maricopa County(Arizona) Libertarian Party Web Site Jerry's Home Page

June 1999

Steve Trinward's "trinWORDS" Wordsmithing and Webkeeping for the Businessperson who CARES Three Links Scientific
John Wiltbank's Novel Technology page Pete Celano's Extremist Home Page
Steven & Tamara Fraley's Web Page Snakebite's Den

July 1999

Marc V. Ridenour's Internet Research Site, and his novel is also for sale there. noPsychs, a psychologist-free zone
Jeff Penrod's "Voice of Minnesota" Missouri Libertarian Party

August 1999

Bill St. Clair's "End the War on Freedom" banner page. Also home to his interesting blog. Max "Madd Maxx" Baer Robinson, They're stealing your country, TAKE IT BACK!
Constitutional Restoration Yahoo club   

September 1999 Lake County (Indiana) Libertarian Party

October 1999

Frank Ney's BATF Abuse page BATF Abuse mirror site

November 1999

The Crosshairs ZX2Dragon's Lair
Bruce Lindberg's The State of the Republic   

December 1999

The Multiracial Activist (An activist journal covering civil rights issues of interest to biracial/multiracial individuals, interracial couples/families and transracial adoptees.) Eric Pavao RKBA
The Antiliberal Page Virtual Dan Spitzer


January 2000

Cap'n Jacques Tucker's   

February 2000

ABORN Adoptees and Birthparents for Open Records Nationwide Tom Knapp's Knapp 2000 Libertarian for Congress web page
Censor This Mitch Wayne's Digital Domain

April 2000

Don Cline's Freedom Fighter Net "Illusion of Solution"
"The Safest Place to Commit Crime in America", dedicated to what I call "Criminal Safe zones" SuMMeR'S PLaCe
Lone Star FIJA T Bone's Freedom Page

May 2000

DARYL POE's humor article at Free Republic   

July 2000

Remembering Freedom Cindy Hayward's page
CT Gabe's BoR page P. A. Harrington's Bill of Rights Page
Gun Rights   

August 2000

Scott Bieser's LibertyArtworx "Professional graphics and personal opinions, offered together and separately" Ed Stephan's Freedom Page

September 2000

The Trial of a Lake Lure Citizen The Free Law Library
On The Private Ownership of Firearms   

October 2000

Ol' Jim's Home Page Tyranny Response Team of New Mexico discussion list
Misc. Militia Discussion list   

November 2000

Fight CPS And Win Spiritual & Political Changes for Family Rights
Liberty Hall   

December 2000

John Adams RKBA Page Crypto Challenge


February 2001

THE TRUTH PAGE - Bill of Rights, Taxes, Downloads, Politics United America Party

March 2001

BenchTree, home of Robynne's Wing "We will not be silenced, we will not retreat and we will be heard." Justice For Families
The Revolution eZine Buddha's Gun Pages
God, Guns, Pit Bulls, and The Republic   

April 2001

DO Process   

May 2001

The State of AEscir Doc's Opinion Page   

June 2001

The Relm of Crow   

July 2001

Kathryn Ann Graham, Private Investigator, Concealed Handgun Instructor, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Licensed Aircraft Mechanic, Licensed Pilot, Science Fiction Novelist, Screenwriter SAFEtYNET Associates
That Ol-Tyme Religion - Wicca "Its Your Move" radio program
Guy R Spangler's home page In Liberty and Freedom
Massachusetts Tyranny Response Team   

August 2001

Americans for Constitutional Enforcement Beowulf Survival Page

September 2001

Patriot's Place Gate Edgar Stephan's Freedom page
Riders for Justice Crypto Challenge

October 2001

God Bless America   

November 2001

Liberty in NC (LinNC) "What Would a Tar Heel Libertarian Do?" Ray Keller's web page
War&Peace Dispatches Sarge the Poet's Home Page

December 2001

The Arizona Milita Headquarters   


January 2002

Len's Canadian Political Web Site has linked his Federal Issues page to BoR Enforcement. Dave's Picks, Dave Polaschek has linked to BoR Enforcement

March 2002

TAN$TAAFL Software Company is a Bill of Rights Enforcement site. Falcon Concepts joins the effort.

May 2002

Libertarian Talking Points, Up Your Activism - Improve Your Outreach   

July 2002

Nation Of Liberty, Home of the Libertarian Revolution supports the rekindling of freedom's flame

August 2002

Pro-Freedom Activist, Jim Baughn Operation News Drop

September 2002

The Libertarian Party of Broward County, FL T.W.A.T.* - The (Mis)Adventures Of Bush & Dick rudely outrageous adult comic strip
" The Crow's Beak "   

October 2002

James Landrith - Taking The Gloves Off Dave's World
Geneva Hughes   

November 2002


December 2002

Russell MacLeod Middleton
C K Enterprises, Inc.   


January 2003

FreedomKeys has added links to several of their pages. Turn 'Em Out, the home page of a campaign to send a message to every elected official everywhere., pitbull fanciers and bikers.   

February 2003

Robert Baral's Christian Crusade! Robert Baral For House - The un-pc Candidate!
Duke's Global Links main page Duke's Global Links Citizens Groups & Guns & Supplies Links
Mary Ellen Daugherty "Walking the Path to Freedom" Colonel Dax's Liberty WebSite
The Mental Militia proudly proclaims itself a Bill of Rights Enforcement site.   

April 2003

Alpha Productions [Adult content site] Dennis Lee Wilson — Objectivist proudly proclaims himself a Bill of Rights Enforcement site.

May 2003

Bill Bauer's Creditwrench   

June 2003

Bob & Shirley Thompson   

September 2003

John Frazier's Forum - The 'Out' Pages "King Lincoln
Rattler Red's 'PCBS Page Jon Reina's House of Insanity

December 2003

American Jury Institute/Fully Informed Jury Association (AJI/FIJA) Libertarian Party of Tennessee


May 2004 "Because if you don�t tell �em, they won't know".   

June 2004

"What Are Natural Rights?"   


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