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L. Neil Smith

Welcome to L. Neil Smith's Home on the World Wide Web!

What I want to accomplish artistically amounts to nothing more than fulfilling great love can be found when using sites like Match Makers Dating or free cougar sex for finding local milfs wanting sex right now the promise of the American Revolution. -- L. Neil Smith

IMPORTANT NOTICE: as of Monday December 3, 2001, my e-mail address has changed to: [email protected]


The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel
by L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser
Published by Bighead Press, November 2004.
Paperback, 185-pages, large-format.
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Lever Action cover thumbnail Lever Action
by L. Neil Smith
Trade paperback, published by Mountain Media, 2001
Winner of's Freedom Book of the Month Award for May 2001.
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TAZ cover thumnail The American Zone
by L. Neil Smith
Hardcover, published by Tor Books, November, 2001
Proclaimed the "Freedom Book of the Month" for December, 2001, by
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TPB cover thumnail The Probability Broach
by L. Neil Smith
Trade paperback, published by Tor Books, December, 2001 (First published by Random House, 1980, reprinted by Tor Books, 1996).
Winner of the Prometheus Award from the Libertarian Futurist Society (best Libertarian Science Fiction Novel of the Year) for 1980/81; widely considered the definitive libertarian novel.
More information
Hope cover thumbnail Hope
By Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith
Mass-market paperback, published by Mazel Freedom Press, 2001
Winner of's Freedom Book of the Month Award for August, 2001.
Hope was designated the "Freedom Book of the Year for 2001" by
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The Mitzvah cover thumbnail

The Mitzvah
By Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith
Mass-market paperback, published by Mazel Freedom Press, 2001
Winner of's Freedom Book of the Month Award for July, 1999.
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Forge of the Elders cover thumbnail Forge of The Elders
(Contact and Commune, Converse and Conflict, Concert and Cosmos in one volume as originally intended)
Hardback, published by Baen Books, April, 2000
Winner of the Prometheus Award from the Libertarian Futurist Society (best Libertarian Science Fiction Novel of the Year) for 2000
Hardback & Paperback: More information
Bretta Martyn paperback cover thumbnail Bretta Martyn
by L. Neil Smith
Mass-market paperback edition, published by Tor Books, October 1998
Hardback: More information
Paperback: More information

The Atlanta Declaration, a Flash Animation (file size 55,641-bytes) by Lux Lucre, September, 2001
For more of his work, see

About which Neil remarked:

Let the hysterics foam and froth. It keeps them from doing more disgusting things. That individuals have rights, not privileges isn't just an idea, it's a fact of objective reality. Let the hysterics be afraid. It's time for them to be afraid.

To withhold the truth because you're worried about the reaction of the weakest, stupidest, or most ignorant or corrupt among us -- especially when that truth is exactly what we need to set us free - would be an act of cowardice or insanity. It would mean that we deserve to be where we are now instead of where we aspire to be.

It would be the act of a slave.

NEW: Please see Bill Velek's Boycott Home-Page,
Boycotting businesses which ban 'concealed carry' of handguns!

PUBLIC NOTICE: henceforward, I shall be calling the cartridge formerly known as ".40 S&W" by a new name -- ".40 Liberty" -- to disassociate one of the greatest implements of self-defense ever conceived from the cowardly corporation doing its best to eradicate the very concept of self-defense, and to remind everybody to boycott that corporation and interdict its sales to all government agencies.
-- L. Neil Smith

Smith & Wesson Must Die

[Picture of the Webley Mk VI Revolver]
The Webley Mk VI Revolver
Drawing of L. Neil Smith by Scott Bieser
L. Neil Smith
Drawn by
Scott Bieser

"Thomas L. Knapp" writes:

Ad Hoc Conspiracy to Draft L. Neil Smith

Dear Fellow Libertarians:

I'm reading -- for the second time, to make sure I didn't miss any of the good stuff -- the next LP presidential candidate's campaign book. Or one of them anyway. It's called Lever Action.

That candidate was also the last LP presidential candidate, in Arizona at any rate.

I wrote to L. Neil Smith earlier today to make sure that his offer -- that he'll run for president if those who want him to show up at his door with either the LP presidential nomination or 1 million signatures asking him to run as an independent -- is still valid.

It is.

And we will.

This time, some things are going to be done differently.

As last time, I'm appointing myself acting de facto HMFIC of the Ad Hoc Conspiracy to Draft L. Neil Smith.

This time, I'm also appointing myself treasurer. There's a reason for that, which I'll get to shortly.

The first difference is that we're starting earlier this time.

The second difference is that we have a non-fiction book that is well-suited to promoting a Libertarian candidate, the Libertarian Party and the libertarian idea. That's above and beyond Smith's more than 20 novels, not to mention the two novels slated for release this year.

The third difference is that we're going to raise money, and spend money.

The fourth difference should explain why I am the treasurer:

Awhile back, a friend and I were talking about organizations and their problems, and he mentioned something that caught my interest. It seems that when an organization is set up for political purposes, the treasurer is the one left holding the legal bag for FEC reporting and such. Not the candidate. Not the campaign manager. The treasurer.

So when I, treasurer of the Ad Hoc Conspiracy to Draft L. Neil Smith, send the FEC notice that they can go piss up a rope, it's all on me.

The Ad Hoc Conspiracy is going to raise money. The purpose of said fundraising will be to promote L. Neil Smith as a presidential candidate -- by getting copies of Lever Action into libraries, among other things. I suspect the guy whose friends are trying to talk him into running will be willing, once again, to do talk radio and otherwise promote his ideas, if not a candidacy he isn't seeking.

The Federal Election Commission will NOT receive reports from the Ad Hoc Conspiracy to Draft L. Neil Smith. They won't be told who contributed or how much they contributed. They won't be told ANYTHING -- correction: they will be told, at the very outset and every time they squeal thereafter, that they aren't getting the information they demand. Period.

No guarantees, but the Ad Hoc Conspiracy will also do its best to make sure that we don't even *know* who gave, or how much they gave. The only records we'll keep are how much money came in and where it went ... and those will be kept encrypted to the maximum extent possible. If the treasurer -- that's me -- has to visit the graybar motel, he'll do his level best not only to not tell, but to not be ABLE to tell, even if they pull out his fingernails and make him watch Barbra Streisand concert footage.

This should address the perceived need for a "challenge" to the FEC -- without requiring free use of the LP mailing list, platoons of lawyers to file briefs and dispute standing, or the active cooperation of the LNC or use of LP funds. This is an intentional act of civil disobedience. Why should we go to them? Make THEM come to US.

The treasurer won't be taking a salary from the campaign. There won't be any paid staff. The prospective candidate or his designee, as well as perhaps some interested LP activists or officials, will have as much access to the financial figures as possible so that they can ensure there isn't any hanky panky. That can all be worked out. The treasurer may set up a separate account to which people can donate to help cover his expenses and legal defense costs if necessary, but not one dime intended for campaign use will go into his pocket.

The Ad Hoc Conspiracy, acting through its treasurer -- that would be me -- has already secured the domain name. Right now, all you will find there is an "under construction" banner (actually, you probably won't find even that -- it takes a few days for a new domain name to propagate).

Over the next week or so, the campaign web site will take shape, with the attendant event calendars, online donation utilities, candidate information and so forth. In the slightly longer term, the endorsement scripts will allow for signature collection. There will also be bulletin boards and/or discussion lists, etc.

Lever Action can be ordered online from Mountain Media at:

Material on the effort to draft Smith in 2000 is available at:

Smith's home page is at:

Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
[email protected]
Acting de facto HMFIC and Treasurer
Ad Hoc Conspiracy to Draft L. Neil Smith

The link to Why Did It Have To Be ... Guns?, which used to be featured on this page.

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