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Lever Action Essays

Why Did it Have to be ... Guns?

Libertarian Second Amendment Caucus Statement of Principles

The Covenant of Unanimous Consent "I wrote the Covenant to restore the machinery of civilization to the hands that built it and the uses it was intended for." -- Lever Action, page 83.

"Ants & Men," "The war we're fighting is a war between ants and Men."

"The Great Explosion" A Great Explosion is Coming! Are you ready?

"The American Lenin" "Honest" Abe?

Armies of Chaos "Gun control?" In order to outlaw guns, you must first outlaw knowledge of guns. To outlaw knowledge of guns, you must outlaw knowledge itself.

"Listen to the Women,"

Wussiocracy on the Hill Stumbling Morons of the Republican Party vrs Depraved Cretins of the Democratic Party

Prometheus Bound - and Gagged

Take a Byte out of Crime Exon/Gorton "Communications Decency Act"

Ban a Gun - Go to Jail

Books Banned like Guns Banned

The Conceptual Free Enterprise Zone America's Return to Space

Screen, Scran, Screwn

When You Wish Upon a Star ...

Robert Heinlein Remembered

More Political Science

Kids and Guns at School

Am I the NRA?

All About Arizona

It's the Bill of Rights, Stupid, Especially the Second Amendment

Getting Back at TV Propagandists

Who Do You Trusht?

A Maple-Leaf Rag Frying some Canadian Bacon

How Much Do You Want To Keep Your Guns?

For Want of a Nail

Bill Clinton's Reichstag Fire

On a Clear Day You Can See Bulgaria - But Who Wants to Look? (An excerpt from the forthcoming book, The Trouble with Star Trek

Nipponese, Ted!

Letter to a Liberal Colleague

Letter to Wall Street Journal about Rush Limbaugh

The Manchurian Lobbyist

When They Came for the Smokers ... Be a niccer!

On Concealed Carry and the NRA

With Friends Like These ...


Who's the Wacko?


The Sheep from the Goats

Weird Science

Germ Warfare

The Lies of Texas Waco

Tea in a Whole new Bag

Tactical Reflections, Some Tactical Reflections, More Tactical Reflections, Even More Tactical Reflections, and Too Many Tactical Reflections

NRA Treachery in Pennsylvania

A Pain in the Colin Colin Powell that is

Feeding the Ducks not allowed!

A Culture of Harmlessness Reflections on the OJ trial

What Ever Happened to Rush Limbaugh?

Two, Four, Six, Eight -- We Ain't Gonna Bosniate!

Way to Go, Hairspray!

Animals Are Property

Right Wing Socialism

The "Morning Guys" on the radio

Circular Reasoning crop circles

Where No Libertarian Has Gone Before Special Color Insert! Fresh from the Colorado Libertarian Party Convention.....

The Hanging Judge they've finally discovered a judge stupid or corrupt enough

Have It Their Way Disney

Is Someone Collecting Ambroses? are we winning the culture war?

Getting Off the Dole

Don Henley's Revenge: An Open Letter to America's Old Media

Stop the Nagging

There Is No "Allow"

Vichy Libertarianism

Shop Now and Avoid the Rush

Remember Pearl Harbor

Morning In Amerika

I'll Show You Mine If You'll Show Me Yours (A Challenge to the Canadian Mass-Media)

Burning the Bridge to the Future

Who Do You Trust -- and Why?

Big Bother is Watching You -- Again

Saddam Hussein for President

Clinton's Crimes are Hitler's Crimes

Animals Are Property

Our Presidential Endorsement

The Publisher Talks Back

Turn off the Government

A Desperate Suspension of Disbelief

What, Me Intolerant?

Sex, Drugs, and Voter Registration

Well, Duh!

A Revolutionary Proposal

"A Culture of Lawlessness"

Patching the Patches

The Killjoy Caucus

The Spider at the Center of the Web

Scalping Elmo

TWA 800 and the Police State of Georgia
this essay featured in the September/October 1998 edition of the
Free-Market.Net Policy Spotlight: "Terrorism and Freedom"

The Most Throughly "Sanitized" City in America

"Round Up the Usual Sullivans", Submitted to the Denver Post Op-Ed Page

"... A Nice Summary of his Ouvre ..."


Letter From a Killer Ape

RE: The Probability Broach

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein reviewed by L. Neil Smith for Laissez Faire Books (you can order a copy from there, too).

Letter to a Bureaucrat

A Trapdoor For Newt

I Hate Breakfast

Urine Nation

Pull Over and Deliver

Suppose You Were Fond of Books

Letter to a Liberal Colleague

Listen to the Women

And Brady Makes Three

Antismokers: Get a Life!

It's Time to De-Tax the Bill of Rights

They Can't All Be Walter Williams -- Part One

Murder at the Pinnacle

Da Woik Ettick

The Ithaca Auto and Burglar

They Can't All Be Walter Williams -- Part Two

RehaBennettating Bill

The President Breaks His Thing

These essays for The Libertarian Enterprise aren't really "new", but the webmaster forgot to add them to this page until February 2000 for some reason:

The Serbian Mirror

Relining America's Birdcages

The Show Trial Begins

Enterprise Publisher Fucks Up Bigtime

You Can't Fight A Culture War If You Ain't Got Any Culture

Target G.O.P.: At Last, A Libertarian Party Strategy

Live As You Vote

The Libertarian Enterprise Turns 30 -- Sort Of

Toward a Police Reform Movement -- Part One

Toward a Police Reform Movement -- Part Two

An Open Letter to Robert K. Dornan

It Works Better if You Plug It In

Meet Me In St. Louis "It takes a lot of money to run a police state."

The Libertarian Second Amendment Caucus

Crank Up The Enola Gay

Who's in a Heap of Trouble, Boy?

Al Gore's Ass-Ed Reign

Jim Bohan: A Personal Remembrance

An Important Message from L. Neil Smith

An Open Letter to the Japanese Ambassador

Koman's Kings Finds Hardcover Publisher

I'm Tired

A New Day Dawns!

Vote Like an Egyptian

Merry Christmas, Baghdad

A Word of Explanation

Whodunit? Wellington Webb

Diana DeGette Wants You Dead

Waco Willie Comes to Town!

An Open Letter to Republican Senator Wayne Allard

No, No, Kosovo! No, No, Kosovo!

Thirteen Questions for George W. Bush

L. Neil Smith's Fourth of July Announcement

The Smoking Goons


A Conspiracy Theory -- Sort Of

Why Two Kay?

The Medium is a Massage

Some Not Quite Random Thoughts on Americans and Their Cars

An Open Letter to Jay Simkin and Alan Rice

Star-Spangled Jellyfish: An Open Letter to Colorado (and other) Republicans

A Tale of Two Hoovers

The Return Of The Creature

Oh, yes, I should add more essays. D'OH!

Stars And Bars

What Do You Mean "We", Kemo Sabe?

Murder by Gun Control

A Word from the Author

"Intelligence Guided by Experience" A Brief Look at Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe

Good Mornin' California, How Are Ya?

One of the Good Ones

Tancredo and the Gun Control Holocaust

My Three Tax Programs

Taking the Mag Pledge

My China Policy

Smith & Wesson Must Die

Bill of Wrongs

Meet Me In St. Louis ("Favorite Articles" special issue of The Libertarian Enterprise)

When You Wish Upon A Star ... ("Favorite Articles" special issue of The Libertarian Enterprise)

The Zeroth Amendment

LNS Reviews Gesundheit, Dummy! The Best of Baloo

Why I'm Doing It

Rule of Flaw

On Lincoln

More new essays from The Libertarian Enterprise added May 20, 2001:


Hey, Peking ... Duck!

One, Two, Three, Four, I Don't Want Your Stinking War

Stop the Stupidness

The Fifth of July added July 6th, 2001

More new essays from The Libertarian Enterprise added July 15, 2001:

Supreme Court, You're Fired!

One-Term George, Take Two!

Smart Guns are for Stupid People

What, Me Radical?

The Fifth of July

An Application for Employment

Toward a Disidentification Movement added July 15, 2001

More new essays from The Libertarian Enterprise added December 1, 2001:

A Blueprint for Ending Gun Control by L. Neil Smith and Aaron Zelman

The Amateur Critic

Morning of Horror

While Norman Leared

Columbine and Bloody Tuesday

A Message from the President by L. Neil Smith and Aaron Zelman

Will We Let the Real America Die?

Liberty's One Percent - or - Pushing the Buttons of Liberty

Thirty-two Stupid Years

Save America - Enforce the Bill of Rights

New Essay from Rational Review added May 15, 2002:

In Defense of Myself

More new essays from The Libertarian Enterprise added May 15, 2002:

The Government That Cried "Terrorist"

Gentlemen, Start Your Halbards!

The Sounds of Silence

The Mean Wittow Kid

The Winter of Our Discontent

The Enemy's Greatest Weapon

Bill Clinton's Reichstag Fire [reprint]

Will Mac and Elsie Ride Again?

A Letter To Pat Buchanan

The Brown Peril

This Time It Has To Cost Them Something

Every Stem Cell's Sacred

Dress for Excess: Fashion Tips for William Bennett

Interview with Kathi Mills

War Of The Weenies

The Blue of Their Berets

More new essays from The Libertarian Enterprise added October 21, 2004:

"Now You Have A Choice!"

Twenty-Three Skiddoo!


July Forth!

Too Little, Too Late

The Kabinet of Georg Busch

The Future According To Bush

Letter to a Young Reader (About the as-yet unwritten novels in the series that includes Brightsuit MacBear and Taflak Lysandra.)

Remarks To The Fifth Annual Convention Of The Mars Society

...But Who Wants to Live in an Institution?

A Note of Thanks

Mars Needs Saloons!

How Many Americans Does it take to Change a Dim Bulb? (Remarks By L. Neil Smith To The Second Annual Freedom Summit, October 12th and 13th, 2002, Phoenix, Arizona)

Why Michael Medved Needs Glasses

All You ... Democrats

Let Him Who Desires Peace ...

Conscripting Our Future

A Message from the Publisher (about the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster)

Frankly My Dear ...

What Ever Happened to TV?

If I Ran The Circus

If I Ran the Zoo

Public Schools Have Destroyed America, An Invitation from L. Neil Smith

Under the Thumb of Municipal Socialism, An Invitation from L. Neil Smith

Attention Libertarian Writers, An Invitation from L. Neil Smith

Resistance to Tyranny

Empire of Lies, Speech Presented to the Libertarian Party of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 15, 2003

Happy What?

My Political Plans

No More @#$%^&*! Ping-Pong

Where Do We Go From Here?

Calling All Democrats

The War of Janet's Nipple

TLE Interviews Aaron Russo—Part One

TLE Interviews Aaron Russo—Part Two

What Ever Happened to TV?

An Excerpt from Ceres (a novel currently being written)

Story of the Year

TLE Interviews Michael Badnarik

The Free State Project

Pure Poison

You Go First: The Peace Amendment

Torturing the Truth

Reply to Lorrey

Michael Badnarik: The LP Picks a Winner

Be Ashamed ... Be Very Ashamed

Captain Bligh�s Revenge

Necktie Party

A Little Gun Talk

The Cat Came Back—Or Tried To, Anyway

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